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  1. […] post by Doug Basham This was written by . Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2007, at 1:01 pm. Filed under […]

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  2. So many people say Dennis Kucinich is unelectable, a statement that points to something being seriously wrong in this country. Kucinich is the only Dem candidate I could support; I wonder why he is still a Democrat, why he chooses to remain among the DINOs.

    On another topic entirely, check out the hoohah over the non-inclusive ENDA passing the House and tell me again that gay Democrats are willing to just put their equality (or lack thereof) aside. It isn’t true on the whole. There are some self-loathing gays who can be satisfied with not being equal under law (covering marriage — civil union is NOT good enough because it is NOT marriage and is yet another Jim Crow second-class-citizen construct — and other matters), but an inreasing number of GLBT people, rightfully, I believe, are through with being considered second-class even by so-called allies. If one supports equality for all, the ONLY acceptable position is for gay marriage and the ONLY acceptable candidates are those who support full equality for all under law publicly. (The previous statement is not opinion — anything less than marriage equality for all by definition is not equality.) And the ONLY Dem with the stones to state publicly the he supports marriage equality (and thus, equality for all Americans under civil law) is DENNIS KUCINICH. I ask you and anyone — if you were unequal under law, would you put up with it? I hope not. If you were unequal under law for even one second, I would not stand for it. Until everyone is equal, no one is.

    BTW, the interviews of late are AWESOME. ou two are doing a masterful job and we are telling our listeners to be sure and visit your Support this Show page and do their part to keep progressive voices on the air. The good word — B&C are a hit among Baltimore progressives!

    Comment by Natalie Davis, Grateful Dread Public Radio — November 9, 2007 @ 1:50 pm

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